Rate That Tweet – Boys and Girls

@calipsothegreat :: recording the ernie and jesse show

@jesseFdaniels :: So cops just stop me 4 broken tailight askin all kinds of ?s, were u been, wat r u doin. kinda just wanted to say: check my twitter feed yo!

@ktla :: Stanford University study suggests love relieves pain. http://bit.ly/c4tXkI

@ScarletRhapsody :: Ladies, remember to check out your boobs as much as the guys do! #pinkribbon #breastcancermonth

@ILWUGRL28 :: Oooo I love the excitement of thunder and lightning…haha

@kasee_ :: I found a hott guy at CSULA! ITS A MIRACLE! He’s in my class I had 2 let U know that they do exist LMAO

@dpreborn :: @the airport behind a guy with a turban, 2 burka ladies and the one I’m worried about is a white bitch with 2 carryons. Please not my flight

@cheekydrena :: I am just so fucking confused… Dicks are complicated. Fun but complicated

@dpreborn :: @tedstryker is fallowing me now! Three options, I’m hilarious, he has low standards or he’s high

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