Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the first ever post of the blog of the podcast you’re desperately trying to get your friends to listen to. You are “desperately” trying right? Well, you’re at least “trying” right? Come on! We’re hilarious! I understand if you want to be a hipster and not tell anyone about the cool show you found, but look at it this way; now that we have a blog you can share our podcast with your friends and save reading these hilarious or inteligent posts for yourself! Why be greedy though? Share it with people, maybe they can’t listen at work but they can go online and read. We here at ERNIEandJESSE want to encourage people to live better lives, and nothing makes your life better than a smile…well maybe cash…or a cure for cancer…but of the things I’m willing to give out for free, NOTHING is better than a reason to smile. So if you haven’t smiled by the time you’re reading this line, you’ve obviously skipped ahead to the last sentence of a paragraph for some reason.

For this first outing on the blog we thought we’d ease you into it with some light reading. We also wanted to give you a look at things to come, because some of you are not reading this the day it was released. Some of you waited till you were bored on Friday when your boss wasn’t in the office anymore and you had time to goof off. Others found out about this way later and were just curious to see what the first one was like. Still others are like ERNIE and must read these kinds of things from the first edition so they didn’t “miss” anything. For all of you OCD people, read the second letter of every third sentence for a secret message.

Coming up on the ERNIEandJESSE blog you will be seeing links to videos  or news stories with ERNIE’s opinion, stories from ERNIE that won’t make the air (not because of quality I assure you), and videos or post from other members of the ERNIEandJESSE family. Most importantly you can see some of your own contributions to the show. Just send us a tweet, facebook message, or email the show with something you want us to cover and we’ll do it right here. Put enough effort into it and we’ll just copy and paste what you send us as a post with a few lines of commentary. Yup, we’re lazy like that.

Lastly, I want you all to know the reason we’re doing this is not just as an exercise ERNIE’s therapist may or may not have suggested, but also as a “Thanks” to you the fans for your loyalty and support…and honestly to dive enough traffic to the site to get some advertisers. So if you’re reading this late and you see an AD for a porn site or that place that sells class rings (we know the name, we just don’t want to get sued) then we’ve done our job. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our keyboard from the team at ERNIEandJESSE for your loyalty, support, spreading the word and reading this far down unless again, you’ve only read the ends of the paragraph.