YouTube and it’s effects on mammals

YouTube is probably the most dangerous tool we’ve created in the past few years. I can finish reading the feed on my facebook and twitter and eventually need to recharge after porn, but YouTube…that’s a problem. It’s too easy to find absolutely anything ever broadcast worth seeing…well unless it’s recent and copywritten. You can watch old shows, theme songs, music videos, news broadcasts, and every cute cat video under the sun. However, if you noticed at the beginning of this blog post I called it a “tool”.

YouTube CAN be good. It’s just so easy to spend way too much time looking at news broadcasters screw up or epic fails or whatever the latest fad JESSE has told you about on this week’s show. There’s so much good content we hardly revisit anything. There’s a whole lot of “Have you seen ___!?!?” We immediately flock to our nearest YouTube viewing device and click the closest thing to what our brain can get from the conversation we had earlier and look up the video.

Watching people falling down is great, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s much more rare to look up videos that are educational or inspiring. You’re much more likely to have seen Psy or the fat chick fall off the table than watch a video about what’s going on in the world.

So I decided to help you out. I figured you could use some goodness in your life. We talk a lot on the show about my struggle to respect the masses because, well, let’s face it…people are dumb. However, once in a while we can come across a video that makes us feel good, helps us not want to kill everyone we meet, and hopefully, be better people yourselves (I say YOURselves because, let’s face it, I’m awesome).

Now I know there are a few videos you can find on YouTube that show people being nice to special needs kids, but I saw this one today. The only thing that made me sad, was seeing how far down the recommended videos line was a video of someone being a terrible person to a special needs kid. So enjoy this video. Be happy and treat people a little better tomorrow…or don’t I don’t care, I probably won’t see you anyway.

(So apparently this video cannot be embedded. Don’t be lazy, copy and paste.)