The effect of assholes on YouTube

I thought I’d hit you with a little one/two punch of humanity this week. If you read the blog before this one you learned about the abilities of YouTube. If you clicked the link you cried at how great people, specifically the next generation, can be. Now I’m going to shatter all that with another story!

These punk ass kids with worse parents have been going around doing what they’re calling a Gallon Smashing prank. What they do is get two gallons of some kind of drink and pretend to slip while throwing the jugs as hard as they can. The “joke” is that people think they’ve actually slipped and try and help the kids. The real “comedy” comes when they pretend to be hurt. Now, for legal reasons I cannot threaten to make their wishes come true and hurt them. I can however say that we’re sinking lower and lower as a society. Either that or we’re separating further apart from the good we can do and the evil we do, and one side is either winning or has a better publicist. I honestly wouldn’t have that much of a problem with this if they paid for the groceries. If you’ve made several of these videos and are paying for the liquids with the money of your inattentive parents, fine. They’re just causing destruction and panic for no solid reason.

The reason we can’t charge these kids with vandalism is because lawyers see this as a slippery slope, if you charge a kid for destruction of some milk jugs then why not when the old lady drops and breaks some eggs? You have evidence he did it with “malice” you say? Well then doesn’t a 4 year old who throws things out of the kart have the same intent? Plus, more importantly, no grocery store wants to hire a lawyer for $6 worth of milk. It’s just not worth it. I’m going to attach another link to this blog post, watch the video and see how some of the youth of today gets “fame” from these stupid ass pranks. Several different kinds of asinine stunts all to destroy things because it’s “cool”. The most famous one I heard of and even almost participated in, is the “Fire in the hole!” videos. Someone I know wanted to pull this prank because “it’s funny, check it out, I saw it one YouTube!” I knew what they were going to do and shamed them. Why are you fucking with someone who you would never trade places with. You want to block in a guy racing down the freeway in a nice car, meh. You want to deny a guy cutting you in line because his “one thing” is a bottle of booze you can’t afford, ok. But destroying stuff? That’s just stupid.

I hesitate to call these kids jackasses. At least when Knoxville and the boys did it, they were only hurting themselves…for the most part. This stuff doesn’t even have anything clever about it. At the very LEAST “Fire in the hole!” had a line, this is just people looking stupid. Do I blame the kids? Not entirely, trust me these numb nuts will get some girl(s) pregnant and make more assholes. The parents, however, had a chance to stop this. Possibly MORE important, the viewers had a chance to stop this. If they didn’t get any views or their videos disappeared when the main kids took them down this kind of behavior would be met with the thought, “Well, that was stupid, what else can we come up with?” Instead of, “Dude! That was epic, what else can we come up with!?” Watch the news article if you feel like it, if you feel like you don’t hate humanity enough. But if you go onto YouTube and search this shit, you’re part of the problem!–abc-news-topstories.html