The New Argument Against Gay Marriage

The hardest part about writing this blog, for me, is not “what do I write” it’s more “what ONE topic do I write about?” I do feel stupid writing about gay marriage because it seems like a no brainer. One of those things you’ll have to tell your grandchildren about, “We made them drink from separate fountains because they were gay!” Or however you want to exaggerate your story, your call. I do however get irate when someone just uses a terrible argument.
One of the arguments currently used in the battle against gay marriage is that only straight people can accidentally have kids, therefore they are the only group that needs marriage. Uh, WHAT!!?!?!?!?!!? Where do I start with their stupid logic? Do they really think that all babies result in marriage? Do they think that marriage solves relationship issues? If anything it gives more reason to let gay people marry. If you really think marriage is a sacred unbreakable contract, Mr. Divorced Senator who’s currently fucking an aid, then let gays marry so they can go on to adopt children who, by your “logic” are the result of both parents dying.
Of course saying I’m pro gay marriage to the people around me seems futile right? Obviously EVERYONE I know is in favor of gay marriage…or so I thought. I actually ran into some friends who think gay people shouldn’t marry. They agree that marriage isn’t quite what it used to be but “letting gay people marry would only make marriage seem MORE like a farce!” Now I’ll always respect people’s views and allow them to say whatever they want, I won’t even call them out on my nationally broadcast podcast, or my Pulitzer Prize winning blog (dream big kids!). Instead I just want everyone who reads this blog to do a quick check amongst their friends. You can do it quietly or on socialmedia. I just want you all to ask, “You’re cool with gay people getting married right?” If they say no, they’ve got some issues.