A Post to Make JESSE F Daniels Sad

I actually feel kind of bad writing this one. The reason I feel bad is because JESSE is having a great week! He was just named RAW Artists host of the month, he gets to be on the show with me and LV AAANNNDD he got REALLY excited when they played Mambo #5 at his work. JESSE is doing a lot, part of what he’s doing is thinking about proposing. As you heard on this week’s show JESSE wants to propose but wants it to be a big digital online spectacle, but he also wants to be a hipster.

That’s where this blog post comes in. I feel bad doing it (not really), but I have to show you videos of guys not only doing it better than JESSE thought, doing it how I thought of doing it, doing it how JESSE should do it, AND getting it to go viral. So here it is kids. JESSE’s hipster nemisis’.

Man Proposes to Wife Using The Knot

Guy Uses Memes to Propose