Music Video Musings

We don’t cover music too Much here on ERNIEandJESSE unless it has some sort of impact on society. Well I hope that Macklemore does. I mean the music sounds great and I think it’s popular enough where JESSE’s already heard it and loved it and started to get over it. It’s also funny enough to where I like it. More than that though, it will hopefully spawn a group of people who follow trends and waste money buying something because they saw it in a video and now “must have it” no matter how uncomfortable skinny jeans are, to go get some thrift shop clothes.

I do always love it when songs are funny and/or have a positive message for the community. Now I’m not one to get down on songs that refer to women as “females” or “bitches” when there are a lot of bitches that scream for the song when it comes on. I also don’t feel bad for the woman who’s being “degraded” in the video. If someone argues that you shouldn’t show off a woman like that in a video they’re basically saying, “She’s too stupid to know what she’s doing and I am much smarter.” Trust me, if I could make a few grand for shaking my ass or just sitting by a pool in a swimsuit, CHA CHING! I’m in.

If anything the person getting degraded in the video is the person watching it. There was a time where we laughed at these guys. We knew they were no longer living in the projects starving but their songs said they were. Some of those songs never gave much hope for a better life, but I don’t know if that’s better than the modern take of, “Get things so people see you’re rich!” Anyway, I could go on to talk about music, but everyone will always think older is better until they die off. One day some 25 year old will say, “Music is terrible today, remember when we had Skrillex and Macklemore!? THAT was good music!” So for now enjoy something for everyone…well not the sensitive, but everyone else!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Wanz \"Thrift Shop\"