From the Checkout Line

It’s raining as I write this. I was driving to the store to pick up a few things and I saw a woman with a stroller. She had a thick fleece blanket over the stroller to cover the child from the rain but was walking around with her head uncovered. I took pity on this woman. I was driving my mom’s car with a car seat in it and thought to myself, “It might be weird, she might say no, but I should be a good person and offer her a ride to help shield her from the rain. As I got closer I noticed that she did indeed have a jacket with a hood. This puzzled me for a second, until I realized the reason she wasn’t wearing the hood. She had just gotted her hur did, she didn’t want no hood covering those newly pressed bangs.

I got a little saddened by this and walked into the store. I was just picking up the cheapest loaf of bread I could get. As I walked up to the door a guy was walking along the curb towards the store too. He seemed angry as he threw a shopping cart to the side and hacked some mucus onto the sidewalk uncomfortably close to me. He spoke to me, “Yo man, you got some chain?” People like this are the reason that even if I’m not listening to anything. I will still wear my headphones, so I always have the excuse that I didn’t hear them.

Finally I went inside to get some bread and I got in line behind a family with GIANT shopping cart full of food. There was only one customer but only one line so I’m stuck in the only possible position I can find. Secretly judging their purchases. Buying prepackaged chicken strips, dinners and a couple bottles of soda along with a bunch of other crap and nary a veggie in sight doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is as the cashier is almost done with the order the question is asked, “Y’all take EBT righ?” I still wish certain foods were unavailable on EBT. We care so much about the “obesity epidemic” and restaurants offering people “healthy options” but when it comes to being able to limit a person’s choices to only the healthy stuff, that’s a step too far. Thankfully just as I had an ass full of the world a manager saw me waiting in line and opened up another register to take my 99cents for some bread. So thanks Estevan, for opening up and getting me out of there.