Living With The Walking Dead

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this season of The Walking Dead you either don’t watch the show or your assed out because I’m going to make some slight references. See I always had a zombie apocalypse plan. Several actually! I have different scenarios depending on how the disease is spread or certain possible limitations. Where the disease comes from, can they run, is it airborne etc. Recently however The Walking Dead has introduced an idea that I had not previously thought about. What happens when someone else is as good of a leader as I am? Oh, you didn’t realize MY zombie apocalypse plan involved ME leading? Well, duh!

See the way it breaks down is like this; I have one friend who’s very military minded and somewhat of a survivalist. He will lead our group, no questions asked, until we are settled. Once settled we will switch and I lead the group, he will just be in charge of the military. This may seem a little different than most plans, but I know I’m not a great strategist and he knows he cannot handle the moral upbringing of a society and judgment on who stays and who goes. The idea is that once we have a secure location, enough food, water and shelter we can begin to rebuild. Basically if you’re following the show, he would be in charge in Rick’s case and I would be in charge in Woodbury.
When you have a safe society you can start doing things to give people a sense of normalcy and home just like the governor did with having festivities. However, if you have a military minded person their festivities would be training exercises. Also there would be a very harsh attitude that people may rebel against. When you give people order and a loose set of rules to govern themselves by you get an easier society for the most part. Any newcomers into that society would have to conform to those rules and live amongst those people. In my specific plan, those people are brought to me where I talk to them until I have determined that they would be good for our community and join us or they will be sent walking…possibly killed.

The new idea sparked now is what happens when someone else has that same policy? Do I meet with their leader? Should an entire group be judged on their mouthpiece? I couldn’t possibly let some in and not others. I would have revolt on my hands. I don’t want to start a war and reject a whole group of people, but if they can’t come in… I would also be afraid of these people knowing where we live and having the ability to take what’s ours. I also would want to share what’s theirs. I could try to cohabitate, but I would be worried and wonder if they were plotting against me. I would also wonder if the nice attitude was all an act. I guess this is one of those things I’ll have to figure out when/if I get there, but hopefully the story will end well for me.