You Are Right

“You were right.” They’re three simple words but I absolutely love them. It’s not that I take joy in other people’s pain. I am just an intelligent guy who is observant. I was recently walking with my girlfriend and her brother. I knew three people take up a lot of space on a path and saw a man to the left of us struggling to teach his daughter to ride her first bike. To our right was a woman with the determined face you only see on a jogger or someone taking a dumb who doesn’t get enough fiber (No, I don’t know why you’re watching someone shit. YOU’RE the weirdo, not me!!). The woman was going fastest, we were at a normal walking pace and the man was holding the bike while his daughter struggled with the concept of balance. I knew how long it would take for all of our paths to cross and that it would all be at the same time. If the man was 4′ back I could have easily had the group take a step to the left to clear the jogger and a right to clear the man, but as it was, we were going to crash. The next thing I noticed was my girlfriend’s brother was just barely ahead of me. So I grabbed his jacket and put him in front of me like a human shield while we passed them all. My gf’s brother was shocked and confused that I grabbed him until I explained why. Then he was just impressed that I did it.

That’s just the most recent story. The most common story for me is when I tell a female friend of mine, “No, that guy isn’t just being cool! He wants to bone you.” In this case I often get a “You were right about that guy!” or a “How did you know!?” It’s all about trajectory. Hopefully most people can see the pattern on where things are going to go and adjust accordingly. Now I grant you, there are situations where that runner could have decided she was tired, or the guy could have seen he was in the way and gotten off the path, or that male friend…nah, that guy always wants to plow the girl, BUT STILL, the point remains, trajectory.

I think the joy I get from hearing those words comes from the fact that I feel I am smart, and just like a girl who is pretty, I never get tired of hearing that I am. There is a slight distinction though; if I hear, “You’re really smart.” I feel self conscious and awkward. It’s a compliment I’m not used to. I do however love to hear, “You were right.” in EVERY form. Whether it’s something I said on the show that people agree with, someone saying it in anger or someone saying it as thanks. It’s a phrase that’s great to hear and often hard for people to say. People think it reflects negatively on them to say I was right, but the truth is, as long as you listen to me next time, you have nothing to feel bad about.