Taco Bell Drive-Thru

I am the first guy to admit he has a crappy car…well, carS really. My Camaro is nice and beefy with pieces falling off and rusting out. My CRX is made to be a daily driver because it has no pick up, everything’s falling off and it overheats way too easily. Nevertheless, there is at least SOME pride in my cars, and nothing gives you pride in what you have, as seeing someone who has it worse.

Taco Bell is probably the fastest fast food chain out there. I mean I could probably leave my car in neutral and go through the drive-thru in the time it takes somebody to go inside, order, pay and get their food. I was at a Taco Bell recently when a man had a car that was so crappy, not only was it billowing out smoke, he had to turn it off to keep it cool.

Come on man, really!? He had to turn off his car to keep it cool. Now I’ve had to pull over to cool my car down so I can somewhat relate to this man. The problem I really have is this guy decided to use the drive-thru during the day instead of parking his car and getting food. Now I can’t speculate on what he got or who he shared it with, but he was the only one in the car, he only got one giant sized soda and two bags worth of food totaling somewhere about $15. That’s crazy money at a Taco Bell.

So to the man in a ’79 green Mercury, here’s hoping you’re slowly getting your shit together, and you didn’t pay for that meal with an EBT card.