American Dreams

There’s a difference in the American dream that I’ve seen coming for a while. It used to be that people wanted to work hard, make money and use the last couple of years of your life to relax and be happy. Over the years I saw that dream diminish to the point where it became, “Get money”. People don’t want to WORK, that’s for suckers. They want to get rich and famous. Since we didn’t have that many celebrities, that seemed difficult; but now, go on a reality TV show once and make money on “personal appearances” for years.
Now this may sound a little hypocritical coming from the guy who wants you to read his blog, listen to his show and buy his shirts. However, I actually want to DO something for the world. I want to make it a better place! I hope that enough people hear me and do good in the world because of me. My dream never actually involves the resting part. I want to do ERNIEandJESSE for as long as I can because it’s fun and feels awesome to have fans. I work at this even though it doesn’t make me any money and that’s much more satisfying than spending all day watching trash TV while cashing in my foodstamps.
The video below is the greatest example of an American dream for an immigrant. Work hard, start a business and get paid…well, in this guy’s case he won the lotto, BUT STILL!!