April Fools

It’s April Fool’s Day!! A day that originally started when they changed the beginning of the year from April 1st to Jan 1st. Today, it’s blossomed into so much more! People don’t celebrate it as much as I would like them to. It doesn’t have the alcoholism of St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo and New Years, the sex appeal of Mardi Gras and Halloween or the economy boosting of Christmas. However, this holiday SHOULD be celebrated!
We all remember years ago when YouTube pulled the (arguably) biggest prank ever by inventing the Rick Roll. Another good prank was Burger King announcing they were making a burger for left-handed people. My favorite standards are where my female friends convince their parents or boyfriends that they’re expecting. Hopefully soon we’ll have more people celebrating this great holiday that shouldn’t send anyone to jail, the poor house, or a free clinic! Here are a few ideas of pranks you can pull on your own. And please let us know if you have any other pranks using #EJTalkback