Rate That Tweet – kik It With ERNIEandJESSE

@EternalQuotes :: Dear haters, I won’t curse or hurt you. I will let karma have that pleasure. – @TweetMoveOn #EQ

@NICKIMINAJ :: How do u have a navigation and choose to “not use it” ? We just drove around in circles for an hour. I coulda drove myGahDamnSelf!

@djfrankdizzle :: I’ve been thinking about growing out the winter beard but its too damn hot

@iTunesPodcasts :: Do men and women have different sized brains? @sciam 60-Second Mind takes a scientific look: http://tw.itunes.com/PDPhref=”http://tmi.me/2PwOq”>//tmi.me/2PwOq

@STEVEMARTINTOGO :: Running low on Twitter feed. Going to store to get more.

@garyvee :: i am huge in Brazil #manthereisalotoffakespamaccountsfromthatawesomecountryandtheykeephittingmeupandiwanttofollowbackbutiknowbetter

@ValerieNTapia :: Smashbox liquid liner in teal from the fall mascarade collection is beautiful and it includes a lash overlay

@djfrankdizzle :: There’s too muck darkness building up inside. Must seek the light from within

@MarcDom7 :: “[Dwarf robot clowns yelling]” is the best thing I’ve ever seen written as a closed-caption.

@kolobarrera :: Un desierto del tamano de Panama convertido en Bosque!!! WTF? Enterate donde, escuchanos en @exitos939fm

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