Sex Ed

I have a lot of my friends come to me with their problems. They even sometimes come to me with problems they’re having in the bedroom. The most common of these problems is a misunderstanding of what the other person wants. There is a bit of a distinction between what a man prefers in bed and what a woman prefers in bed. Most of the time, women have all the power and don’t realize it. They don’t understand that what we want above all else is them. What men don’t understand is, above all else, a woman usually just wants to make the guy happy.

For men, it’s simple. Let us have you. The more you let us have, the more we want until we’re asking for things just to try them. There is no need to do most of the things we do in bed, but we do them because, “She let me do that, what else will she let me do?” The biggest problem with sex is that it’s not intelligent at all. It’s a series of impulses and we stimulate as many of them as we can as much as we can as fast as we can. Women do not need to learn the tricks to get a guy off or to make him happy in bed. He’ll try what will make him happy until you tell him to stop. Then he’ll try and convince you to “just try it”. There is no secret women, if you want to please your man just keep doing what you’re doing. He’s with you for a reason. Men have a very universal sexual appetite. What worked with the last guy will probably work with this guy.

For women, it’s a little more complicated. What worked with the last girl might not work with this girl. It’s also possible that what doesn’t work now will work later, just don’t get your hopes up. You have to figure out what kind of stimulation she likes and never get into a routine. You can’t know that she likes her neck bitten, then her boobs nibbled, then her pussy eaten, then fucked and put that into a cycle like a floor routine at the Olympics. Move around, change it up, skip steps entirely. If the women knows exactly what you’re going to do next, you’re boring. A good rule of thumb I’ve found, go to the spot that makes her make the most noise and shuffle that into your route to the finish line like you would a deck of cards. She should have no idea when you’re going to do it and that in itself will be exciting.

Another VERY common mistake I see is with lingerie. Please know these two truths; Women, it is not THAT important what you’re wearing before things start happening. Guys, it’s incredibly important she feels great about herself and sexy before you get down with the get down. Lastly, please know these things.

1) Women, you have the power and we have to listen to you. You’re in charge
2) Men, women like the guy to take charge, you need to KNOW what to do, not ask her in the middle of things.