Relationship Advice From A Guy 4 Months In

I was single for a lot of my life. I always had the ideas of how I would be in a relationship. I told my friends that the hurtles they faced would not be the same ones I did. They had to deal with insecurities, jealousy, self doubt, self censorship, and slowly revealing their true selves to their partner. I always said I would be confident, do whatever I want and still maintain a healthy relationship…I was right again!

I don’t have to worry about insecurity, I know she chose me. My girlfriend has the opportunity to be with someone else or even alone and she chooses to put up with my BS?! Well then there’s no need to worry! As for jealousy? I’m the guy who had a girl cheat on him with, “just a friend” and I still will let my girl hang out with whomever she pleases. The decision to let your partner hang out with someone is easy; They’ll find a way to cheat or they’ll find a way to avoid it. All you’re doing is bitching enough to remind them they might not want to put up with you. Plus don’t forget, someone wants to be with YOU too! That means someone ELSE might want to be with you too. If the relationship has to end, then you’ve got a shot at starting over.

Self censorship, I mean, do I really have to say how I feel about this!? I’ll talk about anything in front of most anyone as long as they’re not offended (And sometimes even if they are). I start saying what I want to early. This has a two pronged effect. 1) They never have to reminisce about how “you used to be…” or how “you’ve changed” All you’re doing is getting to the part of the relationship where you can burp and fart and be completely comfortable with the other person. 2) Doing whatever you want early sets the borders of “acceptable behavior” WAY out there. If you don’t go off with your friends every once in a while because “I just want to spend time with you honey buns!” Then guess who doesn’t get to go to Vegas with the boys?

Relationships are not that hard, we make them that way. Find a person that you’ll do anything for who lets you do what you want. You’ll be happy, guaranteed or your money back!!