Is It Worth It?

In this ME-ME-ME generation we’re living in (as we discussed on this week’s show), it’s crazy to think that someone’s special treatment was just not enough. Jay Harris was able to earn a scholarship to a great school, something a lot of kids struggle for. I’ve been there when that guy who isn’t the greatest in school get’s that free ticket to the school of his dreams and goes ape shit. I’ve also seen the kids who get the grades, get the scores, and do the extra circulars watch as someone with a lower ranking, takes their spot in a college Jay Harris decided to fuck all that up and become a rapper instead. Why? I’m just going to speculate, but because there is a smaller spotlight on the person playing the halftime show than anyone on the field during game play.

So this kid thinks it’s easy to be a rapper. Just talk about fucking girls, being better than everyone, smoking, drinking and doing drugs and of course degrade “niggas” around you. My favorite moment is when he stops lip syncing long enough to take a hit of a joint he gets from a pimply faced white kid and I’m not entirely sure that white boy wasn’t signing along to when the word “nigga” was mentioned. I have no problem with white people, or white rappers specifically, but I do have a problem with pubescent rappers saying how “hard” they are and how they’ve “always been a real nigga eva since I was a kid.” This guys rhymes are terrible, his voice monotone and it seems like the song and video were made on an iPhone. If you want to decide for yourself if you’re buying the next single, here it is. I only apologize that I don’t know underground rap enough to provide you with something good.