There’s a development that happened in TV over the years that we didn’t talk about on the show. It’s the progression of the season. It used to be that when you watched a show it ran from fall to around Thanksgiving, then started up again mid February, finally ending in May. The last week of may to be more precise. Eventually producers realized they couldn’t hold every series one hour season finale on the same night. They would have to move them to end a few weeks ahead. Then other studios got wise and realized that with the main school time taken up, you could get good viewing during the summer or winter breaks with an alright show. Then the networks realized their competition and started moving their show’s schedules around too. I don’t mind any of this, it’s just that there are a few times when having a season start in Fall and end in May are a good thing.

Take The Simpsons for instance. Too many games to worry about scheduling around and with only one season left, The Simpsons eventually moved their first episode to the first Sunday in November instead of September. 30 Rock is another example. A show that ended it’s many years on TV with mostly good writing in the middle of March. I do miss having all my shows end at the same time. I do miss having Corey and Topanga’s wedding around the same time as graduation. I miss having that sense of appointment television. And I know we’ll never go back to the days where you were glued to your TV at 8 (7 central). I do wish we would at least go back to finding out if Rachel got on the plane in May while still wondering if Kelly and Drew would actually get married.

I guess I should be thankful that in these interweb connected days, I can find out that my favorite show is ending years before so it softens the blow. Now I can watch Ted meet his wife, I can watch Bones finally catch the bad guy and settle down with Booth, I can watch The Simpsons…do whatever one would do after 25 years and a movie…and be well prepared for it. Box of tissues in hand, ready to pause, rewind, and buy the box set, so I can watch it from episode 1.