This week we talked about social media sites. Which one will last, facebook, instagram or twitter. What I realize now is that no one thinks YouTube is going anywhere. Sure you have your social aspect of it that is rarely used (I couldn’t care less about what you’ve just watched). Plus there are SO many other sites that offer videos, and the ability to make your own videos in a more social aspect than YouTube.

Take Vine. Good enough, a little funny, but Vine is to Twitter what YouTube is to Facebook rants. You are giving a limited amount of time to bore me. Where as with Facebook you can have an hour long video I’ll never watch. Vine is part of what is great about YouTube though, user driven content. The fact that guys who’s talents were being wasted could come together under one man’s leadership and make FreddieW the greatest most consistent source of action since James Bond. There are no longer millions of dollars on the line and instead of just telling people about a new video we can just share them…or post a daily blog about it!

So with Hulu and Netflix doing some original programming is the fate of YouTube doomed!? Nah, we can still get most old TV shows on there, fresh content from people who weren’t given a chance anywhere else and music videos from all ages and genres. The one thing we can’t get on YouTube? Copywritten content…well, unless you want to watch it in parts?