It’s Time To Take Someone Out of Society

I know we like to say things like “That bitch is crazy!” But this bitch might seriously be crazy! This is a video of a woman who goes crazy because Dunkin Donuts doesn’t refund her money for an order in which the employee failed to give a receipt. As a former register jokey myself I know that there are times the printers mess up or the roll is too fresh to print (not a colloquialism, the first part of register tape sometimes has trouble with the thermal printer) and so you give the customer whatever they want to shut them up. In this case, Dunkin Donuts, probably the biggest donut place around, can take the toll of a few smoothies and sandwiches. This girl decided to come back the next day and use facebook as a weapon. I really don’t mind customer complaints and if you have a legit reason to get a refund or free whatever, that’s good for you. THIS BITCH WENT ON FOR 8 MIN complaining about her interaction last night, bothering other customers and eventually using some racial slurs. All this is clear evidence she’s a bitch, but remember, she’s crazy.

She keeps talking about going to Mars. Now I know there are flights gearing up to go to Mars and never return, but there’s no way we’re letting that new society be populated by this Amanda Bynes wanna be are we?! She goes on to say she’s going to nuke that specific Dunkin Donuts from Mars…crazy bitch. Her whole deal isn’t that she felt wronged morally for their oversight, she wasn’t standing up for the customer’s rights, she wasn’t even trying to get free food; She was trying to get attention. She just wanted to say HEY LOOK AT ME to anyone who would have her. Even the poor patrons in the restaurant just wanted her to move the fuck on.

So what’s the resolution? I’m certainly not helping by making you read this and watch the below video, if anything I’m making it worse by getting more people to see her face and actions. My hope is that enough people spread the word that we need to exercise (like a daemon, not a treadmill) people like her from society. My next goal is that people who act like her cut that shit out. After that I hope people appreciate those workers at DD. Lastly, my long shot plan is that enough people give a shout out to those people in line that she talked to and sue her for defamation of character, invasion of privacy or whatever else her “lawyer” didn’t think of. Enjoy the show, then hate and share.