Rate That Tweet – The Juanlightenment Era

@dpreborn :: Hot Topic has no clothes I like and the music is too loud…I feel old. www.ERNIEandJESSE.com

@cheekydrena :: I love how men are. They say they staying home until you walk out looking like a million bux, then they comin with…ernie&jesse.com

@KimKardashian :: Going to the Laker game tonight! Can’t wait to see @RealLamarOdom in action!

@dpreborn :: Dear girl with the tattoo on her DDs, Thank you for giving me a reason to care and believing I give a shit about your tattoo -appreciative

@KELANIB :: #ignoredtextmessages why u didnt answer the phone?! If I didnt answer what makes u think ima text back?? Uh duh!

@VINNYGUADAGNINO :: If she’s hot and sittin at the bar by herself #shesahooker

@KELANIB :: #ignoredtextmessages u wanna bring me summin to eat?!

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