Today, my boss bought me a cup of coffee as he often does. This is his way of not feeling bad for making me go get it. He’ll give me a few bucks and ask me to get him coffee. It’s amazing how long it takes him to gain the confidence to truly know that I won’t fuck up his order. I know this because every day for about a month he would say, “Medium Cappuccino, low foam.” Even after I’d say it, preemptively, so that he knew I already had it; the day I would miss it, would be the day he said it again.

Eventually, we got into enough of a routine where I’d walk back to my desk from dropping off files somewhere and there would be a couple of bucks on my desk. I knew right away why. There was also once when I was sick. I was greeted the following working day by my co workers with, “You were missed!” I was stunned and asked, “Really?! Why?” They said, “Paul was looking for you, he didn’t know who else to send to get his coffee.

So today when he gave me a few bucks I went downstairs and ordered what has become the usual: medium cap, low foam and, what’s become my usual (at least for this season) blended maple with whip. The girl taking the order was fumbling around and taking way longer than usual to make my drink. She asked if I wanted 2% in my latte and that scared me right off the bat. I stood there scrolling through my Facebook timeline until she finally said, “I usually work at the other location. i don’t know where anything is here, sorry!” She made my drink and just after she poured the blended drink into the cup she said, “Wait, you wanted Maple right?” Knowing something was coming next, I tentatively said, “yeeeeaaahhh??” She quickly explained then fixed the problem, “Oh, I thought so, but it smelled like pumpkin.” Fearing this would take forever (like reading this blog) I offered to just take the coffee, “No, i can make it for you! I can remake it!” Where her confidence was coming from I have no idea. However, she did say the magic word that made me let her keep working, “I can just give you this one free?” Who would turn that down!?

As she continued to make my coffee the regular person came in, took over and things were on their way to completion. Then it hit me…Who do I give the extra one to?! I had a few options:
The guy who may or may not be here for another 2 hours?
The girl that would definitely be here for 4 and could maybe use one, but already had something at her desk?
I COULD just drink two medium coffee ice creams essentially?

Then right as I was walking in, the female security guard said, “Get something for me? haha” I said, “Sure! What do you want? Maple or Pumpkin?” She laughed it off, but I made a choice, “Well, I’ve already had maple, so here, take the maple one!” She was dumbfounded, “Really?! I was kidding! No! You don’t have to do that!” It made my life easier and it made her day.

When I left she was still there. Sitting at the same desk. I wondered if she would recognize me, she didn’t seem to. I didn’t do it for any praise though. Not from her, and certianly not from anyone else, since I know more people read my Facebook than this blog. I did it because it was easy and it made someone’s day. When I left, I didn’t think about her or what she said, or didn’t say to me. I just thought, “She must have needed that coffee. Maybe I needed it too…to feel good about the world.