Too Far?

I recently had an encounter with someone on Facebook. I don’t know if what I did was completely justified or if I went too far? After I posted a joke about essentially needing to go to the grocery store, a comment was left about an inside joke to be referenced later, the following is the result of those comments on my post:

Ernie Mendoza Don’t put inside jokes on my post. Keep that shit on your own pages
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Daniel Gonzalez calm down Ernie Mendoza….it’s a great story. remember playaz stay up
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Lupe Carbajal Geeze, who knew un-matchable food products would make Ernie so fussy. He must have had the sugar-free version of International Delight creamer.
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Daniel Gonzalez that negro ernie needs to go to sleep.
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Ernie Mendoza No, I just police my posts for people being inconsiderate. People who liked this post but don’t know you, don’t care about your inside jokes. Nor do they want to see a conversation between people they don’t know and get notifications about it. They esp…See More
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Daniel Gonzalez Sorry. I will now exit this post.
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Lupe Carbajal Daniel was referencing a comment your dad said, that I’m sure he wanted it to serve as and intro for me and andy to share with the Mendoza family over a nice cup of pumpkin-spiced-induced latte. But there goes the fun!
No policing needed, Ernie.
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Lupe Carbajal Oh, and don’t worry… Hold on… Here you go..

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Ernie Mendoza Yeah, and not everyone who commented or likes cares/will hear that. This isn’t IM and of course policing is needed “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” We help create the world we live in. Things like this are why I rarely get one word text messages or people asking me to “smell this, it’s gross!” As for the meaning behind the action, I know it was to share a story, but since when have either of you…or anyone for that matter, needed an intro to talk to me?