Rate That Tweet – 1 Hour Study Break

@Kasee_ :: I so don’t get it FELLAS: why do u want us ladies to be calling u DADDY? I just can’t, I won’t wanna be think of my dad!

@jesseFdaniels :: #FF If you are not following @Pongjoco your twitter account is worthless. Do it now! (keep handling bizness P!)

@pongjoco :: If your not following @jesseFdaniels your life is lame. He is an amazing talent!!! www.ERNIEANDJESSE.com

@kasee_ :: Helll yeaaa @RAIDERS! :)

@J_Credible :: The more ghetto the hip hop, the more the white girls love it.

@pongjoco :: watching Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and remembered how much I wanted to punch Veruca Salt in the face!!! www.ERNIEandJESSE.com

@abbyscool :: What’s better, being bootylicious? Or being skinny?

@pongjoco :: Rise and grind. www.ERNIEANDJESSE.com

@DJ_C_MIKE :: Lol #mamon RT @rayrayLA: #RandomThought I wish I were Santa Claus, I would know where all the naughty girls lived!!!!

@kasee_ :: Hot cheetos!!! Or malibuyaaaaa!! Hhahaa! RT @MandoFresko: “What’s my favorite worrrrrd _______?” Have any ideas??

@EddyXpress :: Coconut ciroc, ON POINT!!!!!!

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