Rate That Tweet – Goals, Gifts, & Gobledeegook

@JaG_Daddy :: No gobledeegook!

@_JayRiv :: ” I just wanna lick her teeth ”

@vtp9 :: …is deciding whether to let karma slap you in the face or if i should just do it by myself!

@vtp9 :: I never said you were stupid… i said you were intellectually challenged…

@vtp9 :: OK who left the idiot box open? Now they’re running around everywhere!

@vtp9 :: “If you can’t beat them…you’re not hitting hard enough.”

@abbyscool :: Can someone tweet something funny! My timeline is so boring right now!

@kasee_ :: #Shoutout to my 1000th follower! :) @iseejessica!! Hiiii :)

@ILWUGRL28 :: So much excitement going on in my life, I’m just gonna say….Happy Happy Joy Joy!

@vtp9 :: You should know, when someone pisses you off, it takes forty-eight muscles to frown but only two to pull a trigger.

@ScarletRhapsody :: The hell are the 49ers and Saints? http://www.victoriassecret.com/gifts/shop-by-team@CarissaAC :: Spotted in the valley: mom in new Benz helpin her son pee on side of st broad daylight on major st in front of store #NOTOK

@ILWUGRL28 :: I just pulled a @jesseFdaniels “I got a fight with a door and the door won!” Ernieandjesse.com except (cont) http://tl.gd/7dh15o

@RonnieJrMedia :: Wait, so VH1 Has Football Wives & Basketball Wives, Bet U there’s a Baseball Player Wife preparing a scandal (Audition) for Baseball Wives

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