Ratchets In Movies

I can’t stand when someone is talking during a movie! That’s why I’m glad it is so rare these days. Well, except when ERNIE thinks he needs to give his opinion on EVERY trailer. Mostly these days people understand that they need to be quiet. Partly because they think if they aren’t quiet someone will shoot the place up. The bigger problem these days is people using their phones during movies. You are not that important, no one cares.

Seriously, why are you even in a movie? If you need to respond to your patients, doctor, then maybe you shouldn’t be 15 min away from your car. What are you even checking while you’re in a movie? Are you getting some booty call, then they can wait until after Captain America saves the world. Are you checking Facebook? No one that commented on your status wants to join you in the theater. Are you bored with the movie? Then walk the fuck out instead of ruining my good time. I say ruining because even if it is off to the side, ERNIE notices it. Then he shifts around in his chair, unless he finds some money in his pocket to throw at the person. It is scary and embarrassing…but effective. I can’t tell you how many people have turned off their phone to look back at who threw that. Or they just close their phone because they are scared.

I just can’t bring myself to say something. What if the person has a gun. The same people who shot up a theater because someone was talking will also pull out a gun if someone is throwing pennies at them. These are people who are already pissed off because they got to the movie late and now they have to sit in the first 3 rows. This is where those people are most often found. Maybe there’s a reason for that? Maybe the person who is inconsiderate of other people is also inconsiderate of time. I’m happy they do though, because that means that I get good seats, top section, middle.