Be An Example For Your Kids

I loved working with kids in the morning! Helping those kids start their day right, making them happy to learn. I felt good! The hard part was the parents. What can I do to help someone see that they should pay attention to their own child? It would make me sad when I would see those parents who were dropping off their kids early, and you know it was just to abuse the system. Maybe they were going to be productive that day, but if you left your house in a long t shirt, curlers in your hair and what is OBVIOUSLY a lack of a bra, you’re probably not going to work from the school.

I can’t even imagine what went through those people’s heads. What makes you think you should go out in public like that? What was even worse, was that their kids were being taught this was an acceptable way to leave the house. So many little girls in skirts on cold mornings because, “that’s what mommy told me to wear.” So many little boys with stains still fresh on their clothes from dinner. You wonder what kind of person isn’t paying enough attention to their own flesh and blood and then you see them walk in. Standing at the door because they think they don’t need to put out that cigarette if they don’t technically come inside. Wearing a VERY loose tank top that reminds me look for coupons from Fredrick’s. How can they possibly care about how their children are dressed if they don’t even care about themselves?

Recently, according to the Sun Sentinel, a school has brought up the idea of a dress code for parents. It’s crazy to me that this is even needed. The ideas they have are not that far off. No pajamas, no night clothes. no rollers. They say they want people to dress as though they are going to dinner or church. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you should have to put on your Sunday best every morning. If you wear a suit every day, then it’s not special when you do wear it. However, I do think that you should have to wear…pants…underwear…shoes that aren’t illegal to drive in. The idea is that if parents dress as though they respect the school, the children will respect the school. You are the example for your child! Be a good example! Act like you care about how you look and that this place is an important place to go to, not just a place you have to get to on your way to getting more smokes and watching your stories.

There was 1 father I will always remember. I remember him because I knew that he loved his son and was a good father from the small interaction they had together. The father got out of his car and made sure his son had everything he needed for the day. He went down one one knee, possibly scuffing his nice shoes and dress pants, he pulled his tie closer to his blue button up shirt and gave his son a hug and a kiss. He reminded his son, “What do I always tell you? Don’t just be good…be excellent.” That man has no idea that I saw this, that it meant so much to me, and that he was not just affecting his own kid, but myself, my family and, maybe one day, my kids. I still tell ERNIE, my brother, my nephew and my niece every morning, “Be excellent!”