Gay Ratchets

How are gay ratchets different from other ratchets? They’re not! Not to get all preachy, but come on! After listening to this week’s episode do you really think that we would single out gay ratchets as being any different…I mean other than who they choose to go after.

Don’t think that just because someone is gay, it means they automatically get flamboyant and prissy…often bitchy. They’re just people who love differently than you’re used to. I worked with a guy who had to have his hair perfect, his makeup done everyday, but what made him ratchet was living in a shitty neighborhood, with a crappy car, saving his money for Channel. He always had a dream that he would meet an older man who would take care of him. It’s a nice fairy tale, but you should really take care of yourself. If you decided medicine and doctors appointments were too expensive, but you have designer boxers, you have your priorities mixed up.

The most frustrating thing about gay ratchets, is that just like regular ratchets, they are the loud obnoxious asshole you hear in the movie theater. They are the ones that get a bad judgement on normal LGBT people who just want to live a normal life and love someone. It is easy to judge what you don’t understand and I know that I myself was ignorant before this week’s show. I didn’t know how much good was done by LBC Pride. I’ve seen the parade pictures with the hot guys who make me wish I was their cup of tea. I thought that was all there was to Pride. I thought that it was just a time to express yourself and have a good time. I had no idea how it could literally save lives. I can just imagine that some kid out there who wants so desperately to come out to their parents, who is sick of hiding, can go to pride this weekend hoping to just feel like they belong. I hope that kid comes out happier with themselves. More comfortable to be themselves around their family. I guess there’s no other way to say it, I hope the kid has more PRIDE!