Thank A Marine

I wanted to take Daisy’s weekly spot where we highlight something ratchet and talk about something that happened after the show. I wrote about this on my personal page, but I think it’s important for the whole family to hear about. I also want to point out that I am not entirely sure I was right or wrong here. I don’t know what I should have done and I don’t care to hear what your opinion is on the matter. It’s done. The moment has passed and I am left with some idea I think is important and a platform to talk about it on. Lastly, I want to point out that I have a terrible memory, so the exact phrasing has been lost to time.

When we turned off the mics Adam Kokesh and I could not stop talking about a lot of ideas and our mutual respect for each other. I was very glad to meet him and we have made plans to talk again. As we were saying the usual thank yous and praising each other for our respective talents, we said our goodbyes. Remembering that he served in Fulisia, and remembering that the next day would be Memorial Day, I said, “Thank you for your service!” Adam seemed upset. He seemed as if he realized I had missed his entire point of all he had said on the show that day. He corrected me, “NO! No, you shouldn’t thank me for that! Never thank anyone for their service. I was just blindly following a stupid dictator who sent out soldiers to acquire a new source of revenue for him…” You know, the stuff he said on the show. I let him finish and said, “Well…did you know that going in?”

He was confused, so I continued, “Did you know all this when you signed up? See, it’s one thing if you went in there knowing that, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you thought what most people do, and what I generally think; You thought you were gonna be a hero and fight for this country. You thought you’d go and stand in the way of the bullet and me. Despite what you know now, you went and risked your life, even if it was only for an idea.” He started to argue again about the actual meaning behind what he did, what he was told to do, what was done by a greater army of people. He told how these actions are not good actions and therefore not deserving of praise.

I tried to do what I often do, put this into perspective with an analogy, “Look, if someone went out and bought me a coke, would I say, ‘Fuck you! I’m diabetic! I wanted Aquafina!’ or would I just say, ‘Thanks for the coke.’?” He said, “The difference here is I’m not bashing people’s skulls in with the coke, creating more people that hate you!” I simply replied, “No, but you still tried to do something good for me. I know there is a huge difference between getting me a coke and what you did, but the point to both is I am thankful for the idea behind it. So thank you for the coke, thank you for your service.”

Maybe I should have let it go. Maybe I should have just said, “Yes sir! As a Marine, you have earned my respect to lead and as a genius you have earned my respect in you ideas.” Maybe I did the right thing. I don’t know. What I do know, is that in any case where someone tries to save my life, I will be thankful. And sure, even I can come up with a scenario where that isn’t the case. Where they killed someone I love or there is some Space Odyssey 2000/Matrix thing. However, like I said in the beginning of all of this: I don’t know what the right answer is, and I don’t want your opinion.