Ratchets At The Museum

Growing up I never thought about going to museums. I’m not saying I’m a ratchet, but where I grew up, you just didn’t go. It always seemed like it was too expensive. I didn’t know where the museums were. I thought they were all boring. I know what a tiger and an elephant look like, why do I need to go somewhere and pay to see the same thing? It wasn’t until Ernie wanted to go to a museum that I knew how much fun it could be and how easy they are to access.

The first museum we went to was the Nethercutt. It was a car museum but also had some beautiful pieces of furniture and these giant machines that played music. We also got to go into an old train. We’ve also gone to the Peterson museum, LACMA and MOLA. It seemed like it would be a lot, but if you look on their websites, you can usually find a day when they are free, or at least a discount code. We haven’t spent that much but I have seen so many beautiful pieces of famous art, old cars, irreplaceable items and inspiring photos. This is all just a short drive away, but people still won’t go.

I have told people that we go to museums and they ask why. They don’t see the point in going. These are the same ratchets that go to a club to get drunk, ” because it’s fun!” How can it be more fun to put on a dress that’s too tight, shoes that hurt, spend an hour on hair and makeup (if you’re lucky) all to get some guy to offer to buy you a drink? After he’s shoved his dick into your hip of course. Why wouldn’t you want all that while paying for parking, entrance fees, at least 1 $8 drink in a crowded place while going deaf? No, thank you! When it comes to my alone time, even if it was to meet someone, why not go to a botanical garden, the Griffith Observatory or on a hike. You’re telling me you’d rather have some asshole spill his beer on your nice shoes he just stepped on and wait in line for a bathroom, hoping that the guy you just went home with won’t kill you, your friends won’t leave you and you will wake up next to a dude who will actually call the next day? Why not get into some comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, have barely any makeup on, walk in the peaceful FREE outdoors and maybe meet someone there? Trust me when I tell you that the guy who’s talking to the grenade so his buddy can score is not as great a guy as the one who is working on being healthy by going for a jog. Sure, maybe they’re the same guy. Maybe he did the bar the night before and this is him making up for it. But seriously! Come on! Where is a better place to meet a guy, on a trail, or at Denny’s at 4AM?