Rate That Tweet – Drinking in the New Year

@jesseFdaniels :: Just took my jacket off to save my laptop from the sudden rainfall. I’d hate to think what I’d do if myMiaCamila was with me. #toughchoices

@PaulineChris :: The first time ever I’ve seen a rabbi at Costco. He was decked in his robes and cross and hat. Pretty cool. Http://ERNIEANDJESSE.com

@MCatherwood :: I’m pretty sure I’d fuck Megan Fox’s shadow.

@DanaJGould :: Why do I always meet women as I’m leaving the dog park with a big bag of poop? And it’s always on the day I forgot my dog…

@djfrankdizzle :: Hashaha dfrun as fuck lik

@RaqC :: My workout routine with my boy @RonnieJrMedia……….http://raqconline.com/wordpress/?p=4449

@vtp9 :: In my personal opinion…if you hear the words “you’re smothering me” you’re not holding the pillow down tight enough.

@vtp9 :: thinks we should remove all warning labels and let natural selection take its course

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