It’s Not All College Or McDonald’s

This week the guys talked about the cost of higher education. Most of the time when people talk about the difference between someone who went beyond High School, it’s college. When I was a kid, no one told me there was another option. It seemed like I would either have to be so smart I get a scholarship, or I would have to find a retail job and hope to maybe become a store manager one day. They make it seem like life is hopeless without college, but it’s not. You CAN do something you love. You CAN make good money without going to college.

They say the average college graduate makes $100,000 more than the average person with a High School diploma. First off, that’s over a life time. Even if you get out of college at 23 and work until the average age most people are retiring now (75), you will have made about 2 grand more than the non college student per year. That’s IF you get out in 4 years and don’t go for any higher education. Even if you went with the old retirement age of 65 you will be making less than $2,400 a year more than the person who started at 18. Still, college is a great way to find the job you love. It’s a lot easier to move into “your field” than it is to move into an accounting firm with 3 years of working at Macy’s under your belt.

These are not the only options though! You can go to a vocational school. ERNIE went to broadcasting school. I went and became a Dental assistant. I know mechanics, chefs and beauticians who make a good living doing something they love. To me, that sounds a lot better than being 25 with a communications degree and no idea where to go in life. Trust me, it’s not cheap, but it is an investment in you. Trust me, it WILL suck when you want to buy some shoes, fix your car or buy some tickets, but you have to feel like you’re worth it right? Please don’t become someone who just depends on their lotto numbers to hit or an accident to happen so they can sue. Please, work hard for yourself. When you get it done, like I did, it is the most amazing feeling in the world!