Double Date

I want to go on a double date, but how is that different from what we do now? We go out from time to time to hang out with ERNIE’s friends, but we’ve never really had a “double date”. I remember hearing about it in movies and TV shows, but I don’t really know what that’s all about. We have gone to dinner with friends and we have gone to the movies or karaoke, but what makes it a double date?

I think I had this idea in my head that it would be something that grown ups did. I saw people going to nice dinners or bowling and somehow that seems different from what we do. We go to dinners, but no one wants to pay too much. We go to do stuff, but I can’t quite figure out why it’s different. It could all be THAT simple. It’s just the presentation. When you’re in a nice dress and the guys are suited up, it feels different. I maybe don’t have to take it THAT far, but I know it definitely doesn’t feel like a double date at Norms.

Don’t get me wrong, we do stuff. We go out with our friends and go hiking, kayaking, to museums etc. There is just something about connecting with another couple and talking about relationships that makes me feel great. I guess part of it is like ERNIE says, we just want to know we’re not crazy. We want to know that other couples go through the same frustrations that we do. That there are the same jokes, the same smiles, the same arguments, the same anything. And of course, every once in a while…it doesn’t hurt to dress up when you do it!