Day Off

This week we took a day off. I know that means we took a week off, but if you listened to the show I am sure you’re laughing anyway. It was important to me that we took the day off! JESSE didn’t want to, because of how close it was to our anniversary, but I felt we needed it. I think that it’s important, especially for someone who works as hard as he does, to take some time off and just relax. You’ll go crazy if you don’t. It’s always fun to go out and drink and party, but because you have work the next day, most people spend Labor Day just relaxing. It’s how it’s meant to be spent. Take some time to breathe. With that in mind, this will be a very short post. However, remember; part of the reason we do our show is so that people can learn and laugh. So that they can relax or at least distract themselves while they are busy. As someone who spent many nights listening to podcasts while doing the mind numbing chore of slightly adjusting things on shelves for 8 hours. I can tell you, these things are useful. I just hope we have touched your life somehow. I hope that we brought joy or provoked thought. I hope that we changed the world, because that was our goal.