I don’t want you to think that this is just a money grab or that we are ungrateful. The problem is; we’re growing up! We have responsibilities, things to do, people to see. We LOVE doing the show, but we need to take care of our lives and the people in them, otherwise we won’t have anything to talk about on the show.

You’ve seen or heard my Costco rants. You know how I feel about ghetto tendencies and all around unacceptable behavior. What you don’t know is I work at a job where I routinely put in 13 hours a day. I get home to eat, post for the show, wash dishes and go to bed. I just can’t keep doing it. Not while I have gym membership I don’t use and a fiance I don’t see. Not while I have medical bills, student loans, car repairs and credit card debt I am trying to crawl out from under. Getting some sort of money would help. It would also help to be able to have some free time to work on my next step in life, but I have this show hanging over my head. I’ve thought about leaving before, but I love it too much. Now I have forced myself to either make money or stop doing the show and focus my energy somewhere else it is needed.

I have to say it has been fun. There have been physical fights, arguments, hugs, tears, sharing and the occasional rant. I need you to know we’re not doing this to be assholes or because of something we think we “deserve”. We have no idea what we deserve. All we know is that we don’t deserve to do this for free. Please take the time to share this week’s episode and let people know about us. Let people know about the blog. Let them know that there are guys out there still willing to speak freely. Guys who do not care about making sure they please everyone. Guys who are smart, but current and deal with things no one else is talking about. We wanted to make sure our show was unique. I believe that from the beginning, we’ve achieved that. But maybe that’s the problem? Maybe we are just too general and too small. We’re not talking about wars and race riots or celebrities and fluff. We have some substance, we try and do good in the world. And if in the end you decide you don’t want a show like this, then fine, we’ll go. However, we will go knowing that somewhere out there someone is living their life more spontaneously because of JESSE or they are standing up for themselves because of ERNIE. There is someone who is a better person for having listened to us. That’s all we ever really wanted.