Adult Test Answers


  1.  Do you pay for where you live? Rent/mortgage YES
  2. Do you know what you want in a relationship? YES
  3.  Can you change a tire? YES
  4.  Do you own tools? YES
  5.  Have you had sex? (how old?) YES
  6.  A waffle hammer is used in: A. Construction B. Car Repair C. Cooking
  7.  Which of these is NOT a tool? A. Allen wrench B. Bryan bolt C. Chuck Key
  8.  Which would you rather have your ledger in? The black or the red
  9.  What do you say at the end of a first date, where there will be no second? Be honest
  10.  Name something you should ask for when getting major household repairs? License
  11.  What are you NOT getting when you are asking the bartender to make your drink “Neat”? Ice
  12.  Do you own formal wear? YES
  13.  When jumping a car which cable should NOT be attached to the battery? Negative cable to dead battery
  14.  What is the only food that doesn’t spoil? Honey
  15.  What is the only planet NOT named after a god? Earth
  16.  If you’re in a forest, and need to build a fire, it’s best to have: A. Flint B. Matches C. Gasoline
  17.  How do you push start a car? Get up to at least 10MPH in 2nd gear
  18.  How long should you boil an egg to make a hard boiled egg? 15min
  19.  If you are going East, and someone tells you to turn North, are you turning? left, right, depends
  20.  If you blow a .08 BAC your blood alcohol level is .08g per? Liter, Pint, Gallon