Rate That Tweet – Mantastic

@PeterGriffinn :: I’m fluent in three languages: English, Sarcasm, and Profanity.

@PeterGriffinn :: Unless life also gives you water and sugar, your lemonade’s going to suck.

@djfrankdizzle :: I think I shall make some lemonade with the lemons life has so kindly handed to me #keepontruckin

@DonnyFontaine :: I’m rockin a Venice Beach tank in South Beach. #reppin

@KELANIB :: So who wants to come get beat in this wii tennis?? Im takin all challengers!

@gabbylopez001 :: #patriotnation #tombrady #weallknowthepatsaregonnawin #beatthejets #jets #suck #bahahahaha

@Sammyjothefox :: When I was younger I didn’t think someone like me could have dreams.. late start sucks.

@RonnieJrMedia :: Random Comment: I love when I burp Avocado !!!! They are on sale at Ralphs, BTW….

@Z903 :: Dr. Dre set to release Detox on 4/20!!

@RaqC :: Regis From Regis & Kelly is retiring. The 79 yr old man breaks da record for spending the most hours in front of a TV camera. Amazing career

@beautiifulkb24 :: TONiGHT first show of 2011 #TheAutomatikShuffle baby!! It all starts at 8pm on www.audioelementalradio.com party w/us!! Don’t miss it

@RonnieJrMedia :: Not gonna Tweet or Facebook Post for a week, wanna clear my head…. Thought Freedom

@ILWUGRL28 :: @jesseFdaniels TWITTER!!!! ErnieandJesse.com

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