End Daylight Saving

I do not have time for any of this bullshit! I don’t even have time to write this blog. As I am writing this, I am thinking about the dishes that need to be washed before I go to bed. I am thinking about how late I will sleep. I am thinking about how crappy it will feel in the morning and praying that Saturday, I can sleep in. All of these thoughts about the time I have are running through my mind and yet…I couldn’t care less about how late the sun was out!

Sure, if the sun were only out for 3 hours, I’d notice. If it was still light outside when I went to sleep, I’d notice. BUT since we’re not going to extremes here, I don’t care. I walked with Daisy tonight at sunset and I was happy about that. Not because of the amount of light, but because of who I was with. I was taking my time to do something nice with someone I love. You know what we would have done if it were dark. GONE THE FUCK OUTSIDE ANYWAY! We’ve officially gotten to the point with Daylight Saving Time that we are hurting ourselves.

JESSE talked about having to communicate with different countries. Some of whom don’t celebrate daylight saving. What’s even worse, in my opinion, is when you have to do that within your OWN country. What time is it in Hawaii? or Arizona? Now Oregon is going to vote on their participation in this crap. It’s not catching like wildfire either like gay marriage or legalizing weed. You’re not seeing a slew of states putting it on the ballot. We SHOULD. We should see every state voting on this.

It’s not even our tradition! It’s a foreign policy we adopted. We don’t need it for anything. Oh, you’re more depressed when you go outside becuase it’s dark? Maybe you should have gone outside before 5PM. If you didn’t leave the office today for lunch and have been at work since 4AM before sunrise; you have more problems than we can fix in an hour. Some politician get on this. Let me vote to get this off my state. No one needs this. BRING BACK THE HOUR!! Come on hipsters, you’d be able to use sundials again!!!