Why I Got F-ed So Early

The reason we had to rush to get a haircut this week (two weeks before Get FBN was scheduled to open) is because my best friend is getting married Saturday. What makes me more self conscious, is that I am officiating the wedding. What’s keeping me up with fear, is the fact that I have to WRITE the wedding. The ENTIRE wedding, from nothing. I have no religion to follow, no guidelines from the couple, no nothing. And for the first time in a long time. I am nervous about something!

It’s kind of a big deal. I mean, the video or memory or photos will forever be burned with me in them for this couple’s big day. Now, it’s one thing to be the best man. You essentially stand there and pass on the rings. With this thing I have to say why they’re getting married and write the vows. I didn’t even do that for MY wedding. I have to do all this with a good understanding of how the couple feels, but because they trust me, I have no approvals. Literally, the only person who listened to this things was Daisy.

She was the most helpful part in all of this. She did research and found articles or examples, but the most beneficial part was her just being there. I know now is where JESSE makes the throw up noise, but she did help. I thought about the kinds of things I wanted at my wedding. I also thought about how I felt about her, then I just turned those ideas toward the couple and boom. 3 pages later (roughly 5 min) I have a wedding.

I was surprised by people’s confidence in me when it came to this thing. First the couple getting married. I was told, “We don’t need to hear it, we trust you.” Then Daisy, who I expect to have my back, said she knew I was articulate enough to do this. Then came the others who said I was good enough to write some bullet points down and I could get it. I didn’t want to go that far, but I am pretty confident in myself after all of this.

The main reason I felt this way was because of you who read this and/or listen to our show. People told me that I had been doing this kind of thing for years. Someone was giving me a topic and I was to riff on it for a few. Now, while I COULD just talk about love for 30, I felt more comfortable writing something down. Now all that’s left to do is pray this goes well and that this couple doesn’t ask me for anything else in the next 24 hours.