Rate That Tweet – Filipino Invasion

@Janice Llamoca :: Men aren’t allowed to say “besties.” Sorry

@jesseFdaniels :: In case u wanted to know the weather.. RT @musikalLOVEEE Its cold.

@AD_THEBOSS :: I wonder if my tweets can be use against me in a court of law?

@gabbylopez001 :: “how does he know what i tweet?!” ” he follows you on twitter” ” oooo…lol” #funny #bahahaha #friendsarefunny :)

@Lord_Stewie :: NO! I’m not arguing with you, I’m simply explaining why I’m right DAMMIT!

@djcrumbz :: If he works at the Fox hills Mall #youneedanewboyfriend @thegame

@djcrumbz :: If he takes longer to shop or get ready to go out than you do #youneedanewboyfriend @thegame

@djcrumbz :: If he says he always in “the lab with @thegame” but still haven’t put out ish #youneedanewboyfriend

@ChueyMartinez :: If you get pulled over by a Cop on a Bike! You deserve to be slapped & your car taken away from you lol

@Osidegurl07 :: Its a party at the station…I’m now awake! Lol already having fun and we haven’t even started yet….

@Osidegurl07 :: Uuuuuuuyyyyyyyyy!!!! Someone got a special bday msg!! @solefulgroover so funny to hear u so major KILIG KILIG! Hahaha u got ur bday wish!

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