Rate That Tweet – Hardcore

@MANDiiEMARTiNEZ :: I’m going to start tasering people that use the word “conversate”. #NOjk

@PeterGriffinn :: I hate it when I go to bed and I forget to turn my swag off.

@oliviamunn :: Man, I never realized how much fun traffic is! #CuttingInTheCarIsHard

@oliviamunn :: Hey guys… I’m tired. Really tired. I’d like to sleep now if that’s okay…

@oliviamunn :: I love how some girls don’t hail their own cabs… U seriously can’t put up your arm? God, I hate you.

@oliviamunn :: My astrology sign is Cancer with Gemini rising. I think this annoying girl’s sign is Bitch, with Cunt rising…

@BBoyniBBles :: #Icantdateyouif you smashed The @MitchDeGuzman

@PitEnt :: #IcantDateYou If Your One titty is Bigger then the Other titty.I need them both the same size #okbye

@DJ_Ingwell :: #tipthewaitressnicelyifyougethookedupfatbyusingmydiscount #otherwiseIngwellandhisfriendslooklikecheapassholes #cmonman #dammit #hashtag

@FreddyAmazin :: Dear Ugly People, You’re welcome! Sincerely, Alcohol

@heathernicol89 :: Went back to the old days and hung out at Skateland too funny, but it made me realize the younger kids today are so full of hate #sadreality

@Osidegurl07 :: Who would’ve thought canceling dinner plans was gonna make some1 mad enough 2 not want 2 talk 2 me! I’m a busy girl… #relaxitsjustdinner

@SethMacFarlane :: Me: “I’m trying to type the word ‘fucking.’” My iPhone: “Huh? Surely you mean ‘ducking.’” Me: “No, I mean ‘fucking’.” My iPhone: “Bullshot.”

@vinylricochet :: I wonder how long it takes a giraffe to throw up ..

@jesseFdaniels :: ur still bilingual! RT @Sammyjothefox My boss @jesseFdaniels just asked me if I speak spanish in spanish.. I said no ): I only speak chola

@SethMacFarlane :: So is the way this works that we all now have to tweet for the rest of our lives?

(As Heard in EO)
@abbyscool :: Is it wrong that I’d with out a doubt date justin beiber? But is it even more wrong tht I’m going to go PAY to watch his movie? #dontjudgeme

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