We Shouldn’t Talk About This…Part 1

This will be a conversation about the struggles of the less fortunate. Hopefully, you may learn about struggles you didn’t realize were there, or you feel good that someone is feeling your pain. I understand that with a white male host and a male host who identifies as American, some voices will not be heard. We are a society of mostly heterosexual, cis gender beings and our show has male hosts.

We have to stop making people scared to speak out. We have a white male who is afraid to speak out because he may offend a minority even though he is talking about the struggles of a lower economic class rather than a race. The non white male who takes on that argument and tries to voice an opinion is silenced the first time a female tells him that she gets a lower pay even though they are both in that class. When she start to speak she is silenced by a gay man who does not want this woman to ignore how in the lower class that are not able to have their relationships in the open. That is then silenced by a transgender woman who feels that at least this gay man can go out unnoticed in public. That then could be stopped by a group who argues that though America is built for the cis gender people, there are other countries that are not so fortunate. This can go on until the only group left to speak out are the ones that have it the worst who may not have the education or freedom to speak out and argue for themselves.

PLEASE STOP THIS. Let’s all agree that, YES, there are problems bigger than mine. However, that does not make my problems invalid. Let’s also understand that these voices may not say everything correctly. A calm conversation about your disagreement is better than getting someone fired or harassed by a mob. Lastly, let’s remember that if you are that voice crying out and someone in that group you are calling out for says you are wrong. Take some advice from a white man: “Stop, collaborate and listen.” – Robert Van Winkle a.k.a. Vanilla Ice