Rate That Tweet – The Greatest

@beautiifulkb24 :: Chris Bosh’s face really bothers me! -_- 

@Osidegurl07 :: LMAO! @imitated was almost in tears cuz he needed 2pee! He kept screaming ‘Please be green’ 2 the stop light! Thought he said krispy kreme!

@SethMacFarlane :: My GPS keeps sending me through sketchy neighborhoods, but I go along, ‘cause I don’t want my GPS to think I’m racist.

@spybite :: “if you ever get raped, you bite their dick off” ahahah “if I’m going down, I’m gonna go down like a boss and I’m taking ur penis with me!”

@realjeffreyross :: Like what u did to Taylor Swift? Just tryin to clarify here pal. RT @kanyewest Un announced guest is a super pet peeve of mine!

@vtp9 :: **when i die don’t write “R.I.P” on my grave. . write “B.R.B”**

@MitchDeGuzman :: I need a haircut…to bring me back to life…

@SethMacFarlane :: RT @KleioEukomos: Evolution is still shaky ground. // We understand evolution better than we understand gravity. Yet no one denies gravity

@DjVandal :: I wonder if I call 281-330-8004 would Mike Jones pick up.. I just wanna see if the chicks from Back then still want him.

@PeterGriffinn :: Don’t play hard to get if you’re already hard to want.

@jesseFdaniels :: All you really gotta do in any job is make a name for yourself.

@mcatherwood :: Kiis-FM still has Chris Brown on their promotional vehicles. I should drive into it with a Rihanna song blaring on my stereo.

@PaulineChris :: #douchbag http://ernieandjesse.com

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