Rate That Tweet – Family Feud

@Brishanamama :: I think It’s hilarious when u go pee and the person next to u pauses their shitting till you leave! LMFAO #TmiTweet

@EL_AY :: Some random man just told me “happy Tuesday!” Wtf is so happy about Tuesday? Tuesday is like the cousin of Monday. They’re both wack.

@Jeremih :: If all ya friends are hoes, why wouldn’t we think you’re one too

@ThePushParty :: The problem with eating out a Chinese chick… is that you’re horny again an hour later. #420thoughts

@bulldog_ent :: #MasaTweet at the shop, trying hard not let this fart out, I feel like its gnna be a loud one :)

@vtp9 :: If copying DVDs is stealing, then by that logic, is taking a picture of someone kidnap?

@jimmykimmel :: Jennifer Aniston AND @justinbieber have new haircuts?! Perez Hilton’s balls just exploded

@jessefdaniels :: You can’t tell me there’s no such thing as inflation when bums are now asking for dollars instead of quarters. http://ERNIEandJESSE.com

@RonnieJrMedia :: Just bombed a Karaoke Performance of Eddie Money, Take Me Home Tonight, my co-workers will agree, so much fun, LOL

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