Rate That Tweet – A WINNING Episode

@ILWUGRL28 :: @jesseFdaniels So I need to get on #RateThatTweet …so here its goes.. “I saw lots of hots chicks making out this weekend! #winning http://www.ernieandjesse.com sorry no pic

@AndrewBynum :: If you want to know why we are playing better! Just check the roster, I’m playing with great players and great coaches! #WINNING

@krysivory :: Celebrity Apprentice with Gary Busey??!!! YEEES #WIN!!!! #Tigerblood

@S_SylvesterGLEE :: It’s official. I’m suing Charlie Sheen for infringing upon the trademark I have on winning. #winning

@CharlieeSheen :: Nice guys finish last, awesome guys finish on her face. #dealwithit #winning

@spybite :: Would you give up twitter for lent? Aka 40 days and 40 nights??

@jesseFdaniels :: *Suuuper useless tweet* Dear California Weather, you are so #winning right now.

@jesseFdaniels :: I wonder what a Clean Bit sounds like??

@spybite :: Can’t believe I’m done with all my work for the week before 11PM on a Tuesday #winning

@ILWUGRL28 :: Read my own timeline…now I understand why @MEanErnie stopped following me :/ www.ernieandjesse.com @jesseFdaniels

@MitchDeGuzman :: #WEINER *Charlie Sheen voice* RT @wanderrlustt: AHHHH!!! My sissy is having a baby boy! Yay! Team Penis!

Have a tweet to rate? Have you read a funny, hilarious, or stupid tweet by a friend or celebrity?? Leave a comment with the tweet and we could rate it on the next episode!!!