Rate That Tweet – Trolling at Play N Trade Pasadena

@JFreshReed :: Just remembered I had a dream last nite I was a Ninja Turtle!!! It was awesome… COWABUNGA!!! #ratethattweet http://t.co/J31Gfy8

@MEeanErnie :: I like my coffee like I like my women, hot, brown and with a little bit of sugar http://t.co/VXSjaFe http://t.co/p5o1YGD

@PaulineChris :: I <3 the part in Zombieland they destroy the store I wish I could do that in real life and not get in trouble that would be so much FUN!!!

@Team_Silva :: Can’t make Saturday, so representing Team Ernie at work today. Props @MeanErnie & @jessefdaniels http://t.co/KHB4pO7

@RonnieJrMedia :: I have realized that the “5 Second Rule” doesn’t really apply to Chewing Gum…. Once it hits the ground, it better hit the trash, huh

@jesseFdaniels :: Nothin like the smell of alley dogs & sounds of hardcore techno beats to wake u up in the morning..

@spybite :: i just yelled this out in the study room: “I’m gonna write this paper! finish it! then go masterbate!” haha i love when I freak people out

@Dirt_Nasty :: When meeting a woman I give her secret handshake to hint at sex. I tickle her palm with my middle finger then ram my dick in her vagina.

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