Rate That Tweet – Get Real!

@jesseFdaniels :: its not a good sign when u run out of chaser/mixer..#holdingNothingButTheBottleInYourHandAndTakingShotsLikeUrDrinkingWater

@50cent :: I think I’m high

@vtp9 :: …Life doesn’t give me lemons anymore. Not after what happened last time.

@RonnieJrMedia :: This week has flown by, Wednesday already, bring it on Baby !!!! What Up @JesseFDaniels @MeanErnie @PaulineChris – Have a Great Podcast

@justmartindale :: I bet Mumford and Sons smell like soap on a rope and old licorice.#thinkaboutit

@Team_Silva :: U win again Tommys, ordering next 2 a crackhead was interesting though http://t.co/80Mz6fn http://t.co/cLwRUw2

@aplusk :: Who would win in if @BenFranklin2012 ran against @Christ4Pres2012 ? #ideajam

@MTVTJ :: Yesss! Teen Mom 2 Reunion tonight!

@vtp9 :: Whenever your having a bad day, remember you could have been swallowed.

@JulieRasmussen :: Today I found $40 in my jeans. The kid in me says “Buy dart guns and candy”, but the adult in me says “Buy vodka, dart guns and candy”.

@jesseFdaniels :: There has to be a list of “Best Feelings in the World” out there. #RateThatTweet

@spybite :: I want something!!! But at the moment I don’t know what it is! #random

@spybite :: I miss that first kiss feeling

@EthanNewberry :: Does anyone really know what Fergie is made out of?

@iamwill :: We won a kid choice award… http://yfrog.com/gz4ktiuj

@KimKardashian :: OMMMGGGGG I hit over 7 million followers! Seriously guys! U mean the world to me!!! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!!!

@themarcyminute :: Help!!! I need all my Twitter friends to send me a pic of their bedroom for a fun segment! Send to marcythematchmaker@gmail.com

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