Rate That Tweet – X Rated

@Team_Silva :: Shoutout to the podcast crew, have a great show. Check them out at http://ErnieandJesse.com & #iTunes

@TedStryker :: Dear Stryker,YOU LEFT UR TWITTER account OPEN again.It’s getting harder & harder to resist f**king with you, BUT, I won’t. Love, @Nicole1067

@JulieRasmussen :: Today marks my 5 year anniversary of I don’t give a sh*t…

@jesseFdaniels :: Oh, and in case u didn’t know… It’s Friday!!! #JUSTincase #RateThatMotherEffinTweet !!!

@PaulineChris :: @jesseFdaniels & @djfrankdizzle I’m glad u two loved my last Tweet about the smack with the extra k’s. Is this going to be a #RATETHATTWEET


@heathernicol89 :: “There are.only two reasons to date a girl you have already dated. Breast. implants.”-Barney Stinson #Ratethattweet WWW.ErnieandJesse.com

@spybite :: Let’s add a picture to me LEMONADE tweet. http://plixi.com/p/92200436

@MEanErnie :: @spybite you have earned an unfollow. 15 tweets within an hour (at least)? Not on my timeline #RateThatTweet #onblast http://t.co/VXSjaFe

@spybite :: Kanye..singing…

@spybite :: MUFASA!

@spybite :: mamasay mamamsay ….

@spybite :: ma ma cu sa.

@spybite :: Ima sing this to my momma on mothers day.

@vtp9 :: Don’t walk in front of me, I might not follow Don’t walk behind me, I might not lead. Walk beside me, & share your coffee or let me sleep…

@nessavanessaa :: ever have one of those days where your middle finger answers E V E R Y T H I N G? (:

@MikeSchism :: You know what’s funny? paintings of adam & eve where they both have belly buttons. think about that, take as much time as you need

@ThePushParty :: So this naked girl just fell on the floor as she was climbing into my bed. 5 second rule?

@jesseFdaniels :: I want to pull the Fire Alarm so bad each time I walk by it… #justcuz (almost) #IllegalTweet

@Sanchez1st :: #IWouldTrade my BlackBerry for a iPhone.

@cheekydrena :: Arkansas is the home of the mullet people. Its all “business in front, party in back”. #fact #insanetravelog #needsleep. #toomuchcaffiene

@KruellaInRed :: Sometimes I wish life was like a DVR, So I can pause for a second…. Did that really just happen?

@DamnItsTrue :: Rock, Paper, Scissors is the absolute solution to fair decision. #DamnItsTrue

@djfrankdizzle :: How convenient that the coupon for Visine expires on 4-20 lol http://plixi.com/p/93836386

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