Rate That Tweet – Rise of the Silva Surfer

@matthewcarney :: The new, chic, term for fat people is “Foodies.” And my Uncle Mike doesn’t have a gambling problem, he’s just a “Horsie.”

@heathernicol89 :: i get so aggravated when i have kickass things to tweet about but cant due to the 140 character limit. DAMN YOU TWITTER #ratethattweet

@JulieRasmussen :: I feel like my entire generation can be summed up in six words from a Nirvana song: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us.

@JulieRasmussen :: Wouldn’t it be ironic if you died by choking on a Lifesaver…

@cheekydrena :: Mmmmmacccc and cheeeese. It so much better with sour cream. #poorkidsunite!

@jesseFdaniels :: The little pathway I’m on isn’t on Google Maps.. I feel like a Secret Agent!

@DirtNasty :: “Excuse me miss,would you mind putting some of that suntan oil on my penis back & forth for 30 minutes?”…summertime pick up line.

@SethMacFarlane :: Dear public restrooms: A toilet paper dispenser should turn loosely. Nobody wants to wipe their ass with a handful of confetti.

@vtp9 :: Just remember to live by the 3 F’s, if your not Fucking me Feeding me or Financing me your opinions really dont matter! #IMHO #RateThatTweet

@DirtNasty :: This black dude from the Geek Squad just came over and farted while fixing my computer.Tooted it and rebooted it.

@jessefdaniels :: Wow, so much done by 5am…. I feel like @BarackObama or should that be @KimKardashian

@gordonshumway :: Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a day. Frame a man for murder and he’ll eat for 25 to life.

@SethMacFarlane :: Just spilled coffee, got a parking ticket and misplaced my cell phone. Thought Osama’s death would put an end to all that shit.

@JFreshReed :: I feel like “Twittah” (#ERNIEandJESSE sound bite) is just a challenge board for most entertaining thoughts… I need another good one

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