Rate That Tweet – Twitter Live!

@LilMissCuntCake :: If you buy a girl a drink, it doesn’t mean that she will be interested, it only means “Win, FREE DRINK! Sucker.” So don’t be a fool.

@jesseFdaniels :: Just give me a minute and I’ll make a dollar.

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: If you have to pass a drug test to get a paycheck, than I think people should have to pass one to receive government assistance…

@Maj0rSquishy :: “username or password incorrect” You couldn’t tell me which fucken one?”

@MrsEvilGenius11 :: Winnie The Pooh has psychotic problems, Winnie=eating disorder, Piglet=anxiety disorder, Eeyore=depression,& Tigger=ADHD

@heathernicol89 :: It makes me sad to know that some people will never know what TRUE southern cooking is. #blesstheirhearts #ratethattweet

@nuart11 :: Facebook asks what I’m thinking. Twitter asks what I’m doing. Foursquare asks where I am. The internet has turned into a crazy girlfriend.

@jesseFdaniels :: No, sorry lady I’m not ignoring God, I’m just ignoring you. #RateThatTweet #Douchebag

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